Used Machineries and Parts.

Fort Worth , TX

Business Manager

Used Machineries and Parts.
Fort Worth, TX Full-time
Posted on January 8, 2019
We are fast growing used machinery and general farm equipment retail company, planning to urgently set up branches/subsidiaries nationwide due to large demand and increase in our clientele base. We are looking to hire a Business manager who will start-up and manage the business in Fort Worth. Desired Skills: - An energetic, persuasive, highly ethical personality - Excellent communication skills (a key communicator) - A strong desire to learn when needed - Self-starter/self-motivated - Professional and polite Compensation: - Salary - Health and long-term disability benefits - Paid personal days and holidays Business Manager Responsibilities Include: - Developing business management goals and objectives that tend to growth the company. - Designing and implementing business plans and strategies to promote the attainment of company goals. - Ensuring that the company has the adequate and suitable resources/finances to complete its activities. - Lead and oversee projects, sales and the work of other employees in our company. - Ensuring the efficiency of business operations. - Provide guidance that enhances performance in a manner which incorporates the company's vision and culture. - Receive orders from customers. - Maintain relationships with partners/vendors/suppliers - Represent the company in events, conferences etc. - Ensure adherence to company rules and guidelines Requirements: - Excellent organizational and leadership skills - Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities - Swift/Prompt to carrying our task & responsibility. - Excellent knowledge of MS Office and good computer skills