Fort-Worth, Texas Area Jobs

Fort Worth , TX

Truck Driver

Fort-Worth, Texas Area Jobs
Fort Worth, TX Full time
Posted on October 8, 2017
WAREHOUSE WORKER: Manually & mechanically load/unload/ organize and store used tires & inventory. Inspect and basic maintenance of loading equipment /machinery. Operate forklift and trucks. Lift/move 75 lbs. 15 openings. Truck Driver: Used tire delivery/pick-up in large box truck to wholesale customers daily in DFW, loading and unloading manually & operating forklift. Inspect & maintain vehicle supplies/equipment. Lift 75 lbs. 15 openings. Both Positions: Pass pre-employment drug testing, have clean driving record & criminal background, full-time. Ref/Resume to Texas Used Tires Wholesale LLC, 1000 Ave H, Arlington TX 76011