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Child Care / Transportation Specialist

ACH Child and Family Services
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Posted on January 22, 2019

Child Care/Transportation Specialist

Position Function:                  

To provide safety, basic child care, transportation, a supportive experience, and provide empathic adult guidance to clients. The job requires sensitivity to the service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and ability to function without close supervision.

Education Requirements:     

High School diploma or GED required; A Bachelor’s degree in a human service field from an accredited college or university preferred.

Experience Requirements:

A minimum of two years of child care and positive guidance experience of youth in a child placing agency, residential or professional setting. Effective listening and communication skills, understanding of children and youth in crisis.

Functional Requirements:    

Oversee the physical care of the facility, the 24 hour supervision, basic needs, medical and emotional care, transportation needs and overall safety of clients in care. Use and support a Trauma Informed Care model. Responsible for completion of duties such as meal attainment, laundry, general organization of supplies, food storage, household cleanliness, and assurance of health and safety standards. Must be able to provide care to children with no on-sight supervision and demonstrate capacity to utilize judgment as to when supervision is needed and to take initiative to make that contact timely. Must be available as needed, on a flexible schedule, to provide supervision to children who are waiting on placement. Hours could include daytime and will likely include overnights and/or week-ends. Must be able to transport children, have reliable transportation with a minimum of liability. Must possess a valid Texas driver’s license and be able to operate a multi-passenger vehicle. Must have a driving record, which is within the guidelines of the insurance underwriter.  

Working Conditions:             

Exposure to children with behavior problems, including possible physical aggression. Exposure to illness and blood.

Confidential Information:    

Maintain confidentiality & follow policies related to personal records & client records.

Key Expectations/Responsibilities:


  • Maintain high ethical standards which are outlined in the ACH Child and Family Services Code of Ethics.
  • A commitment to empowering others to solve their problems.
  • Value a nurturing family as the ideal environment for a person.
  • A conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change.
  • The ability to establish a respectful relationship with persons served to help them gain skills and confidence.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with other personnel and/or service providers and professionals.
  • The capacity to maintain a helping role and to intervene appropriately to meet service goals.
  • The ability to set appropriate limits.
  • Represent ACH in a professional manner at all times.  


Maintain Client in the Program

  • Administer and document medication as directed by physician and supervisor and follow procedure for refilling medications.
  • Establish and follow a routine as is appropriate to the children needing child care.
  • Provide clients with all of their basic needs.
  • Provide a clean and safe living environment.
  • Provide level of supervision to clients based on the level of supervision needed.
  • Support case plans of clients and their families.
  • Use skills learned in new employee and on-going trainings
  • Teach skills to clients to help them with day to day interactions

Policies and Procedures of Agency and Program

  • Complete all documentation as required by program (i.e., incident reports, case notes, medical documentation, etc.).
  • Maintain staff to client ratio as determined by the supervisor.
  • Follow DFPS minimum standards.


  • Complete incident reports and case notes within 24-hours. Notify supervisor of serious incidents immediately.
  • Complete and maintain required training hours within time frame outlined in agency procedures.
  • Take clients to appointments on-time.

Program Operations  

    • Maintain necessary documentation on fiscal matters.
    • Attend and participate in shift change meetings and other staffing as directed by supervisor.
    • Provide clients with opportunities to learn/practice skills
    • Participate in planning and implementation of child care activities.
    • Perform any other duties as directed by supervisor.
    • Maintain safety, confidentiality, and protection of clients.
    • Build strong and collaborative relationships with volunteer organizations and their members.
    • Transport clients to appointments.



Youth Care and Support

  • Collaborate with family and other support systems to advocate for clients and family.
  • Collaborate with TDFPS and other caseworkers to support client.
  • Collaborate with resources to support client’s individual needs and transition goals.